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Life Coaching Services: Welcome

Move Towards a More Positive Place With My Life Coaching Sessions

Life Coaching with Aloma teaches you the skills needed to take responsibility and break free from the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

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Would You Like to Make a Positive Change?

Do you find yourself experiencing any of the following:

  • Recurring negative thoughts/living in a negative headspace

  • Experience unkind thoughts

  • Feeling stuck and unable to move forward in life

  • Limiting beliefs or life not going the way you think it should

  • Feeling anxious, stressed and worried with everyday life 

  • Feeling stressed and worried about the Covid-19 pandemic

  • Worrying about the past, present and the future

  • Worrying about what other people think

  • Feeling you have no control over your thoughts

  • You keep making the same mistakes/destructive patterns of behaviour

  • Self-sabotage 

  • Relationship difficulties with family, partner, friend, colleagues

I can help you recognise why this is happening and teach you the skills needed to take responsibility and learn how to feel better. 


It is said that we live 90% of our lives in our own head! So, the way you talk to yourself really matters. Thought work is so very important and learning how to take ownership of your thoughts is essential to a happy life.  

Start Your Journey of Self-growth

With over 20 years experience working with people, you can expect that working with me will be a journey of growth and self-discovery, full of lightbulb moments that will enable you to understand what happiness means to you and develop the necessary skills to live your best life! Destination - inner peace.  


My 1-hour coaching sessions are designed to suit you and usually take place once a week. However, this is flexible to suit your needs. Work will start straight away so you can begin to see results quickly. 


The results you can expect from life coaching are identifying and unblocking inaccurate beliefs and thoughts that will be holding you back in one way or another. Guidance and support will be given to allow you to reframe and move forward, breaking free from feeling stuck. I work with clients across the UK and all work is of course confidential.

We all experience around 60, 000 thoughts a day and if these are unkind, untrue or outdated then it's not surprising to hear how negatively these will be impacting our life. My coaching will help you break free and move towards strong, positive and empowering beliefs. 

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Contact Me Today

Get in touch to book your free half-hour consultation call with me today where we can discuss your areas of concern. You can then decide if I am the right coach for you.

Life Coaching Services: Services


How do the life coaching sessions work?

 All appointments take place online through Phone call, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

How long will my appointments last?

On average each session takes around one hour and sessions will be held on a weekly basis. However, the number of sessions is dependent on individual needs.

How quickly could I expect results from life coaching?

Everyone is different; however, I begin working from the first session and you can expect to be learning and challenging your mindset from the get go.

How much do coaching sessions cost?

For a full list of prices please click through to our contact us page to find out more 

What are your professional qualification?

For a full list of qualifications please click through to our contact us page to find out more 

Life Coaching Services: FAQ

Please email to book a free half-hour consultation today.

Life Coaching Services: Price Quote
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