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A Life Coach to Guide, Support and Teach You How to Live Your Best Life

Life Coaching with Aloma works via Phone call, Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp with people across the UK looking to make a positive change.

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Certified by Jacqueline Hurst Life Class Life Coach

A life coach is someone who can guide, support and teach you how to become the best version of you by helping you to understand why you think the way you do, challenge your belief systems and look at how these are directly connected to the way you interact with the world and others around you, and how you live your life.  The quality of your thoughts is ultimately dependent on your happiness!

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Learn More About Me

The death of my parents in my 20s changed my life and me as person permanently – life was not going to plan and the early days were really dark and scary.  I know only too well how important it is to really look after yourself, respect yourself and have good thoughts that are kind is so incredibly important to live a happy, content life with inner peace which is what we all want right? 
After receiving some help my career went from being a make-up consultant in retail to training to becoming a bereavement counsellor with a strong drive to help anyone struggling with the death of a loved one. 

This training was also the catalyst in allowing me to understand what I had and was still experiencing personally and move forward with my own grief. 

In 2001 I undertook my Social Work training again with a drive to help people struggling in life and this was the start of my 20-year career working with adults, children and families impacted by difficult life events.  

The experience and knowledge I have gained in working with thousands of people over the years are invaluable.  I entered into life coaching when I found myself committed to supporting a team of hard-working Social Workers through the covid 19 pandemic, and have since been accredited by the country’s leading life coach Jacqueline Hurst who has inspired me to reach out to more people and offer life-changing support under the umbrella of life coaching.  If I could say one thing to you don’t sit in silence and torment with the same thoughts and beliefs you’ve had for years that haven’t served you well, and book a free half-hour consultation call with me today.  It’s never too late!

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Could You Benefit From Life Coaching?

Do you notice any of the following about yourself?

  • Frequently feeling stressed and worried about the past, present or future

  • Being stuck in a negative headspace

  • Patterns of destructive behaviour

  • Relationship difficulties

If so, life coaching sessions could be useful for you. Contact me to book a free 30-minute consultation to see how we could work together.

Have You Worked With Me Before?

If my life coaching sessions have helped you move forward, please leave a review for Life Coaching with Aloma on today. I'd really love to hear your feedback. logo.jpg
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Please email to book your free consultation with me today.

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